The Gili Islands alongside Lombok Island captivate visitors with their pristine waters, powdery white sands, and vibrant underwater ecosystems. Gili Trawangan is lively, Gili Meno exudes serenity, and Gili Air strikes a perfect balance between the two. Exploring the underwater realms, you might encounter turtles and a kaleidoscope of fish. Lombok itself is a land of diversity, with the majestic Mount Rinjani providing thrilling hiking adventures. Its coastlines are breathtaking, and the local culture is deeply rooted, with craftsmen dedicated to keeping Sasak traditions alive. These islands together offer a mosaic of experiences, ranging from exhilarating mountain hikes to tranquil moments on sandy shores. For those looking to explore these islands, options like the Gili Getaway Fast Boat serve as a conduit to these paradisiacal destinations.

Gili Gateway Fast Boat From Padang bai to Gili's/Lombok

Gili Getaway Fast Boat stands out as the top choice for getting from Bali Island to the hidden gem of Gili Gede. Setting sail from Serangan Port, which is super easy to get to, this fast boat doesn’t just stop at the famous Gili Trawangan and Gili Air. It also takes you to the picturesque spots of Bangsal Lombok, Nusa Lembongan Island, and Nusa Penida along the way.
Gili Getaway really puts the comfort of its passengers first, decking out its boats with everything you might need. Whether you’re all about soaking up the peaceful vibes of the ocean or you just want a cozy spot to sit while you cruise over the waves, they’ve thought of everything. The crew on Gili Getaway are more than expert sailors; they’re friendly and caring, experts at making everyone feel right at home.
Knowing that the sea can be a bit unpredictable, especially around the Lombok Strait, Gili Getaway keeps its sailing times flexible. They’re always ready to tweak the schedule if it means keeping everyone safe. This careful attention means your trip isn’t just a simple voyage from A to B, but a smooth, enjoyable adventure that starts with your wellbeing, really setting the bar for what sea travel should be like in this part of the world.

Boat Specifications Gili Getaway 3:

  • Capacity: passengers
  • Top Speed: 38 knots
  • Average cruising speed: 30 knots
  • Engine: 4 x 250hp Suzuki outboard motor
  • Crew: 4 people with fully licensed
  • Sundeck with a capacity of 10 people

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