• The booking can be done through instant booking or enquiry booking depending on Info Ke Bali services availability.
  • The product’s pricing are in IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) and other currencies but the final settlement will be in IDR using exchange rates provided by
  • For every successful booking transaction user / buyer will get voucher and receipt of payment through email. The voucher is a proof of valid transaction. The email could go to your spam box, please check your spam box. If the email goes to your spam box, please mark it as As Not Spam’ for your future benefit. Should you not receive the voucher, please contact us at
  • User / buyer should print the voucher or save the voucher in their gadget (e-voucher) as user must show it to Info Ke Bali staff. User should contact us at, if staff refuse to deliver their service(s) so we can solve it immediately

Payment Security:

  • All payments using credit cards (Visa and Master Card) and Debit cards processed via Payment Gateway as a payment processor secured by International Standard Security Scanning encrypted with 128 bit SSL.

Usage of vouchers policy:

  • The usage of vouchers should be according to Info Ke Bali terms and conditions and listed vendor’s terms and conditions. Listed vendors are the sellers that provide the products and / or services.

Cancellations & Delays:

  • Fast Boat Company reserves the right to cancel a booking and change the schedule without any liability to the passenger due to major problem with the vessel, bad weather, technical issue, safety concerns related to passenger and/or crew or by direction from the Indonesian Government and/or Harbor Master
  • Fast Boat Company shall not be liable for damages or losses that may arise in the event of cancellation or delay of the service. Fast Boat shall not be liable in any way for the cost of any accommodation, connecting flights or for any alternative means of travel which may arise through cancellations or delays. Additional expense so arising shall be the sole liability and responsibility of the passenger.

*To avoid disappointment concerning a connecting flight at any airport, Fast Boat suggest providing yourself at least 24 hours before your onward travel*


  1. Voucher is valid for the above mentioned date only.
  2. Info Ke Bali reserves the right to request additional fees for products or services that are not included in the products or services stated on the voucher.
  3. Voucher can not be exchanged with other products and or services without approval from Info Ke Bali.
  4. Voucher can not be canceled and refunded.
  5. In case you want to change the schedule or pick-up address, please immediately inform us.
  6. Ideally, Please contact us one day before departure (D-1) via WhatsApp (+6281337664172) or email ( to make sure all of your reservation is confirmed.
  7. Each passenger is allowed up to two pieces of luggage, free of charge, with a combined weight not exceeding 25 kg. Surfboards are not permitted.
  8. Please check in at the departure harbor at least one hour before departure time. It is your responsibility to complete the check-in process successfully.
  9. For inquiries, Please contact us on email Info Ke Bali at or via WhatsApp at +6281337664172
  10. If you make a round trip ticket reservation, please make sure you receive and keep the physical return ticket, because it will be required for your return journey