Explore Ubud Village's and Puseh Batuan Temple's tranquility, ending with Kanto Lampo's natural beauty and Gianyar Night Market's vibrancy

Start your Bali adventure in Celuk Village, famous for its gold and silver craftsmanship. Continue to the peaceful Puseh Batuan Temple and the bustling Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Enjoy the lush views of the Bali Coffee Plantations and the traditional charm of Penglipuran Village. Relax at the tranquil Kanto Lampo Waterfall, and end your trip with vibrant local flavors and crafts at the Gianyar Night Market. This tour is a perfect blend of artistic heritage, natural beauty and the spirit of Balinese culture.

All Things You Need to Know for Bali Ubud and Penglipuran Tour

Exciting Places You Will Visit in Bali Ubud and Penglipuran Tour

This tour offers an unforgettable journey to some of the most amazing places you will ever see below!

Celuk Village

Celuk Village in Gianyar, Bali, is celebrated for its masterful gold and silver crafts. Skilled artisans create intricate jewelry, embodying Bali’s heritage. These items, popular as souvenirs or exports, showcase the village’s rich tradition and artistic excellence. Visitors are invited to explore the winding streets, watch artisans at work, and perhaps take home a piece of Balinese culture, making Celuk an essential destination for those seeking to experience the island’s renowned artistry firsthand.

Puseh Batuan Temple

Batuan Temple, known locally as Puseh Batuan Temple, is a stunning example of Balinese Hindu architecture, cared for by the residents of Batuan village. Notable for its intricate Balinese ornaments and a roof made from black palm tree fiber, the temple sits conveniently on the main road from Denpasar to Ubud. With a history spanning over a thousand years, Batuan is famed for its artistic heritage and captivating legends. A popular stop for tourists on their way to Ubud, Batuan Temple offers beauty and full facilities, making it a must-visit destination.

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Bali Ubud Monkey Forest, officially known as Padangtegal Mandala Wisata, is a vibrant nature reserve and temple complex in the heart of Ubud. This small rainforest is home to groups of monkeys and various tropical animals. It plays a crucial role in preserving the monkey habitat in Bali, with the local community actively involved in maintaining its natural environment. Visitors can enjoy the lush beauty of the forest, observe playful monkeys, explore the temple within, and marvel at the greenery that makes this spot a unique urban oasis in Ubud.

The Bali Coffe Plantation

The Bali Coffee Plantation is a tropical paradise for plant lovers, offering a diverse range of crops including Robusta coffee, pineapple, and snake fruit. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the traditional Balinese coffee-making process, enjoy fresh coffee or ginger tea while taking in the breathtaking river valley views, and shop for authentic Balinese coffee products and herbal oils. A highlight is the opportunity to see how the famous Luwak coffee is made, a unique and luxurious coffee known for its deep, rich flavor.

Penglipuran Village

Penglipuran Village, located in Bangli Regency, Bali, stands out as a bastion of tradition and unspoiled beauty. Located at an altitude of 700 meters, it offers the comfort of fresh and cool air for visitors and residents. Penglipuran is a living reflection of ancient culture and customs, characterized by uniform traditional buildings that still maintain their original identity, free from the influence of modern architecture. Visiting Penglipuran offers a journey back in time with its well-preserved traditional Balinese houses and Bali peaceful environment.

Kanto Lampo Waterfall

Experience the enchantment of Kanto Lampo Waterfall, nestled in the peaceful Beng Gianyar Village of Bali. Its unique location in the lowlands sets it apart from other waterfalls, offering easy accessibility amidst shady trees. The waterfall’s clear waters cascade over rock formations that create a step-like appearance, perfect for captivating photography. Ideal for nature lovers and photo enthusiasts alike, Kanto Lampo is a tranquil, picturesque retreat that’s not to be missed on your Bali adventure.

Gianyar Street Night Market

As evening arrives, the Gianyar night market in Bali transforms into a vibrant scene. Here, you can explore a range of affordable Balinese and Indonesian dishes, making it an ideal spot for culinary explorations. The market, often a highlight of local guided tours, offers a mix of savory and sweet flavors to cater to every palate. Besides food, you can also find traditional clothing for sale. This lively market, with its colorful stalls and enchanting atmosphere, promises a memorable blend of delicious tastes and cultural richness.

Bali Ubud and Penglipuran Tour Itinerary:

08:00 AM – Pick up at Hotel
09:00 AM – Visit Celuk Village
10:00 AM – Visit Puseh Batuan Temple
11:00 AM – Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary
12:00 PM – The Bali Coffee Plantation
01:00 PM – Enjoy Lunch Local Resto
02:00 PM – Visit Penglipuran Village
04:00 PM – Visit Kanto Lampo Waterfall
05:30 PM – Visit Gianyar Night Market
06:00 PM – Back to Hotel
07:30 PM – Arrive at Hotel

Bali Ubud and Penglipuran Tour Price:

IDR : 700.000/Pax

What is Included?

  • Private transportation with The driver & Fuel
  • Bottled water (Mineral Water)
  • Air-conditioned vehicle
  • Pickup And Drop-off Hotel
  • All Fees and Taxes

What is Not Included?

  • Lunch
  • Dinner at Gianyar Street Night Market


  • For group booking, please contact us for the price

Area Covered for Pick Up Service :

  • Free pick-up area : Kuta, Seminyak, Kerobokan, Jimbaran Central, Ubud Central, Sanur
  • Out of include pickup area we will apply extra charge

Additional Info:

  • Booking confirmation will be provided immediately upon reservation.
  • The tour is not accessible for wheelchair users.
  • The location is accessible via public transport.
  • We advise against participation for travelers with back issues.
  • The tour may not be suitable for pregnant individuals.
  • Participants should not have serious medical conditions, including heart problems.
  • The tour is generally suitable for most travelers.
  • This experience is a private one, exclusively for your group.

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