Experience the Essence of Bali on the Kintamani Besakih Tour with Stunning Views of Mount Batur and a Visit to the Revered Besakih Temple.

Discover the wonders of Bali with our exclusive tour! Be captivated by the enchanting Barong Dance, explore the Goa Gajah Temple, enjoy breathtaking views of Mount Batur from Kintamani Village, feel the spiritual aura at Besakih Temple, and visit the historic grounds of Kerta Gosa. This tour promises an unforgettable experience with utmost comfort and expert guidance. Don’t miss this opportunity, book now for an amazing Bali adventure!

All Things You Need to Know for Full Day Kintamani and Besakih Tour

Exciting Places You Will Visit in Full Day Kintamani and Besakih Tour

This tour offers an unforgettable journey to some of the most amazing places you will ever see below!

The Barong Dance Performance

Experience the mystical Barong Keket dance on our Besakih Kintamani Tour, a symbol of Bali’s cultural heart. Witness the epic battle between the noble Barong and the evil Rangda, representing the eternal struggle between good and evil. This captivating performance is steeped in spirituality and tradition, offering a deep dive into Balinese mythology. Be mesmerized by the vibrant costumes, dramatic masks, and the profound story they tell. It’s more than a dance; it’s an immersive cultural experience, revealing the soul of Bali through every movement.

Goa Gajah Temple

Step back into the 9th century at this historical treasure, where Hindu and Buddhist traditions beautifully converge. Once a retreat for monks and priests, it now offers a peaceful glimpse into Bali’s spiritual heritage. Explore the serene grounds, marvel at the ancient architecture, and feel the unity of diverse beliefs. This site is more than ruins; it’s a testament to religious harmony and a deep well of history and spirituality. Immerse yourself in the tranquility and mystique of this sacred space, leaving with a profound connection to Bali’s rich past.

Kintamani Village

Discover Kintamani, where the majestic Mount Batur Volcano and serene Batur Lake offer breathtaking views. Known for its cool climate, this picturesque area promises stunning countryside and lake views. Just a 2-hour scenic drive from Denpasar via the Penelokan route, Kintamani provides a perfect mix of adventure and tranquility. The ‘strategic viewing point’ offers unrivaled panoramas, making it a must-visit for its natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere. Let the tranquil ambiance envelop you as the vast landscapes of Kintamani captivate your senses.

Besakih Temple

Bali’s spiritual epicenter since the 15th century, is a majestic complex of twenty-two temples. Perched on parallel ridges and known as Pura Penataran Agung, it dates back to 1007 A.D. Embodying the Balinese philosophy of Tri Hita Kirana, Besakih harmonizes the relationship between humans, the divine, and nature, making it a fascinating symbol of cultural and spiritual richness. This ancient temple complex is a testament to Bali’s enduring heritage and a must-visit for a glimpse into the island’s soul.

Kerta Gosa Ancient Justice Court Palace

Discover Kerta Gosa, an exquisite example of Balinese architecture in Klungkung. Marvel at the Kerta Gosa Bale and Bale Kambang, adorned with traditional Kamasan paintings depicting justice and spirituality. Once a judicial center, this palace now offers a glimpse into Bali’s cultural depth. Walk around the tranquil pond and absorb the rich artistic legacy reflected in every detail. Kerta Gosa isn’t just a site; it’s a journey into the past, showcasing the island’s history and enduring beauty in a serene setting.

Full Day Kintamani and Besakih Tour Itinerary:

08:00 AM – Pick up at Hotel
09:00 AM – Watching Barong Dance Performance
11:00 AM – Visit and Explore Goa Gajah Temple
01:00 PM – Visit Kintamani Village View Mount Batur Volcano
01:30 PM – Lunch with Kintamani Village View (Optional)
03:30 PM – Visit Besakih Temple
04:30 PM – Kerta Gosa Ancient Justice Court Palace
05:30 PM – Back to Hotel
07:00 PM – Estimation Arrive at Hotel

Full Day Kintamani and Besakih Tour Price:

  • Regular Tour Price: IDR 600.000/Car (1 Till 6 Person)
  • Inclusive Tour Price: IDR 700.000/ Person (Min 2 Pax)

What is Included in the Regular Tour Price?

  • Private Car with Good A/C
  • Petrol
  • English Speaking Driver

What is Not Included in the Regular Tour Price?

  • Entrance Fee
  • Lunch
  • Personal Expenses

What is Included in the Inclusive Tour Price?

  • Private Car with Good A/C
  • Petrol
  • English Speaking Driver
  • Entrance Fee
  • Ticket Barong Dance Performance
  • Lunch Indonesian Food
  • Mineral Water

What is Not Included in the Inclusive Tour Price?

  • Personal Expenses


  • For group booking, please contact us for the price

Area Covered for Pick Up Service :

  • Free pick-up area : Kuta, Seminyak, Kerobokan, Jimbaran Central, Ubud Central, Sanur
  • Out of include pickup area we will apply extra charge

Additional Info:

  • Women who are menstruating are respectfully asked not to enter the of Balinese temples, in accordance with local traditions and to maintain the sanctity of the temples.
  • The price already include with 21% Government tax and Services
  • Get special price for group booking
  • Regular Tours Price : is a Bali day tours price without include lunch and entrance fee, you need to pay by your own self
  • Inclusive Tours Price : is a Bali day tours price with include lunch and entrance fee
  • The tour is Private Tours, means there is no other participant, just only you and your companion
  • The Tour will assist by English Speaking Tours Driver
  • Tour Guide can be requested, contact us if you want to request Tour Guide during the trip
  • Time and Tourism site is subject to change based on your request.
  • Use contact form provide to send us message, asking information or make tour booking request.

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